Dimensions #35291
Designer:  Bente Schlick
Finished Size:  15 x 11
16 ct. Light Blue Aida
Started 1-10-2013

Aurora is the the latin word for dawn


1-12-12 - I just love this beautiful goddess, her polar bear protector and all of the rich colors that fill in the background of this project.  Here's my first update on this wonderful piece.  I have lots more to go and am loving every stitch!

 11-22-13  I cannot believe that it's been so long since I have put some time into stitching this lovely project....well, maybe I can...I get easily distracted by other lovely projects!!  The picture isn't the greatest, but IRL it's looking bright and pretty good so far.  I've worked my way down to the top of the polar bear and may (no promises) work on him a little tomorrow.


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