Thursday, February 23, 2012

Valentine Pincushion

Last night I put the finishing touches on my latest project, Valentine Pincushion by The Victoria Sampler.  I just love Thea's attention to detail and her use of different fibers and beads.  I also love that she uses different embroidery stitches in her designs.  It gives me the chance to learn something new and put it to use.  I had not done a bullion stitch before and I do have to say that my first one looks more like a carnation (all willy nilly) instead of the rose it should look like.  I love it though and left it as it was instead of doing it over after I got a little practice under my belt. 

I'm anxiously awaiting the next pincushion to come out....hoping that it's done in green for March!  I haven't seen any kind of preview as of yet, but I'll keep looking.  March is my birth month and I always enjoy working on something related to it.

I put the year on the back of my work, but forgot to take a picture of it.  Here is the unfinished piece so that you can see what it looks like.  I added 3 small buttons for "feet" to help keep it clean when sliding it around on the table.

I also started a new project last night:  Counting Sheep by Carriage House Samplings.  I managed to get the Moon done and started on one of the sheep.  I'll show pics of that one soon.

Until next time,
Happy Stitching!

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